About me

Since my earliest memories, fantasy schemes have whirled about in my imagination. Mesmerized by books with bright colors and whimsical characters, I longed for the day when I would have the ability to create fantasy worlds on a canvas – not to reproduce the works of others but to realize my own imaginations with brushes and colors.
Finding my unique identity proved most challenging, until one day my inspiration came by accident.
Frustrated with a disappointing abstract I had painted and armed with sandpaper and a hard sponge, I tried to remove the paint from the canvas.
As the white of the canvas peaked from under the paint, I saw something else emerging.
It was a bizarre head of sorts with a distinctive beak.
“This is it!”  My eureka moment and the start of my artistic journey so many years ago; a journey that I continue to express through my paintings.
I like to hide elements in my paintings that are not easily seen at first; tiny figures doing something nonsensical. 
But when someone eventually notices these little figures, I hope it brings a smile as the viewer is brought aboard my journey – or maybe a journey back to one’s childhood.
It might even cause a bit of a spook.  Whatever the reaction, I think that some type of “freaks” live in the depths of every human being.
These are mine and I am so glad to be able to share them with you through my art.